American 'N' gauge
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Atlas 40002175 Amtrak GP9 99.95
Amtrak's 7 GP9's were mainly used for switching activities, these loco's belong to the
phase one era aprox 1972-1981. The inverted arrow scheme has been reintroduced
on their 'Viewliner' ll coaches that are being introduced between 2014-2017
Bachmann 11753 Pennsylvania 4-4-0 65.00
Walthers 80152 EMD SW9/1200 Chicago,Burlington & Quincy 79.95
Over 800 units were built in the early 1950's for railroads in America & Canada
Although superceded by the 'geeps' in the 60's many SW9's remain in service
on shortline & industrial lines, long after retirement by their original owners.
Fox Valley 70507 EMD GP60M BNSF ######
These units built with a comfort/safety cab and a wide nose were designated GP60M and all
purchased by the Santa Fe. They had 63 units, the last being built in 1994
Walthers 50311 GP38-2 Union Pacific 79.00
Designed for yard & heavy switching in the 60's, but also used on commuter
and freight traffic. Many still being used on local & short line railroads.
K0942 C30-7 SPSF (merger colour scheme) 82.00
Over 1,000 of these units were produced between 1976 & 1986, but by the 1990's
some units had been returned to General Electric & subsequently sold to Conrail & Brazil.